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Colourful art from home and away

In the city of Uppsala, you will find the art museum Bror Hjorths Hus.

Bror Hjorth (1894-1968) is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed artists, and here,

his colourful modernist artworks are displayed in the artist’s former home and workshop, Colourful art from

offering an art experience out of the ordinary.

Bror Hjorth made a name for himself through his creative and original ways of expression.

With sculptures, paintings and drawings, he paid homage to love,

music and life, and his art has put him on the map of Scandinavian artists whose legacy is sure to live on for generations to come.

The museum’s exhibition hall offers temporary shows at all times.

This spring, for example, Bror Hjorths Hus is proud to present the work of praised Australian illustrator and author Shaun Tan.

In 2011, Tan won the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, and this exhibition, Colourful art from

which is on display from 5 April and until 1 June, will feature a selection of his original illustrations.

After that, the exhibition will travel to a few other locations in Sweden before returning to Australia.

Be sure not to miss Bror Hjorths Hus:

while the artwork is truly amazing, the lush garden is in itself worth a visit, Colourful art from

making the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and pause to reflect.

As the first episode airs, Johnson dusts off her mini skirts and brings out her very best dance moves and prepares to embark

on the adventure that is the solo show Jill at Hamburger Börs – a first in many regards,

as the venue has never produced a show like this before and the lighting and visual effects have only ever been used abroad in the past.

Director of the show is Hans Marklund, one of Sweden’s most celebrated choreographers and directors,

whose illustrious resume boasts sold-out shows by everyone from Lill-Babs and Lill Lindfors to Lena Philipson, Peter Jöback and Magnus Uggla.

“Jill is one of our most exciting and talented artists,

and I want to give the audience an experience that will surprise them – musically as well as visually,”

Marklund says of the show that will run throughout the spring.

For more information: ฮานอยสามัคคี

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