Cultural pearls

Cultural pearls and a sparkling nightlife

Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim, is best described as a combination of historical treats and an exciting and dynamic cityscape.

Trondheim is the type of city where you do not have to rely on public transport.

By wandering around the cosy, vibrant city, Cultural pearls

you get to experience everything that Trondheim has to offer – on foot.

One of the city’s real treats is its position as host of the national museum of pop and rock, Rockheim.

The museum’s goal is to collect, preserve and share Norwegian music from the glorious ’50s up until and including the present day.

“Another must-see in our beloved city is the majestic Nidaros Cathedral.

Trondheim is a lively and green city and the river, which is the heart of the town, meanders beautifully through the centre,”

says Line Vikrem-Rosmæl, general manager at Trondheim Visitors & Convention Bureau.

A little island called Munkholmen attracts not only locals, but also thousands of other visitors every year.

It was a monastery in the past, then turned into a prison.

“People who go there can enjoy the historical aspects while also grabbing a bite to eat in the restaurant located on the island,” says Vikrem-Rosmæl.

The city has often been referred to as the ‘gateway to the north’, because it is located in the middle of Norway.

It is a place most people visit either on their way to the west coast to see the fjords, Cultural pearls

or en route to the north to gaze at the amazing northern lights.

“Trondheim is said to be the best hotel city in Norway, with a capacity of 3,600 rooms in 2014,” Vikrem-Rosmæl explains.

“All the hotels are either newbuilds or have been renovated.

There is something for everyone in every price class, with everything from comfortable to luxurious standards.”

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