From history to hiking

From history to hiking

Norway’s envy-inducingly strong economy may well be indebted to oil resources and long-lasting design,

but the impact of a tourism industry that thrives thanks to a rich

cultural history and mind-blowingly multi-faceted landscapes cannot be underestimated.

Sure, go north for the northern lights or the midnight sun: they are must-see once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

But pay attention along the way, and you From history to hiking

will be amazed by the stunning valleys, the breath-taking fjords and the many From history to hiking

wellpreserved national parks. Beautiful landscapes can be found all around the globe, From history to hiking

but few places offer nature quite as dramatic as Norway’s.

Once you get over the initial bewilderment, the fun begins:

if you have never gone dog sledding before, now is the time to try it,

and the same goes for snowshoeing.

Then continue the adventure with ice climbing, From history to hiking

kayaking, and a horse riding tour to a backdrop that could easily be mistaken for a film set,

before you embark on a refreshing round of cross-country skiing, Norway’s national sport.

There is no end to the winter adventures on offer – but summer will not let you down, either: nowhere else in the world is hiking such a pleasure,

nd the less faint-hearted can even attempt climbing Galdhøpiggen,

the highest mountain in all of Scandinavia and northern Europe.

But visitors come to Norway for more than outdoor adventures.

The country has a history rich in stories about ancient kings,

feuds and monasteries, and the indigenous people, the Sámi people,

have a thing or two to teach its guests, in addition to an endless number of stories to tell.

The cultural heritage savvy have countless museums and guided tours to choose from,

while many of the festivals on offer contribute to the cultural history lesson.

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