A wonderfully

A wonderfully wicked winter experience

Originally built as a prison in 1884, the Police Museum offers a unique opportunity to explore society’s dark side.

A visit to the museum in Copenhagen, celebrating the service of men and women throughout

Danish history who fought criminality, corruption and cruelty, is a must this coming Christmas.

Displays start by taking the visitor through the history of the Danish police force from its foundation in 1682, A wonderfully

covering a broad spectrum of crimes committed with particular focus on World War II.

The first floor with its murder room invites visitors to investigate some of the most heinous crimes committed, A wonderfully

before leading on to the prostitution and pornography exhibition.

Special Exhibitions

18 May 1993 – This date resonates throughout Danish society as the infamous Nørrebro riot that followed the Danish European Union entry yes vote.

It was a significant moment in Danish policing history: not since World War II had Denmark seen such violence, A wonderfully

and the event subsequently resulted in the improved strategic and tactical handling of crowds and riots.

Explore the political decisions and the very real results through this comprehensive exhibition.

Evil – This extensive exhibition explores the political and personal circumstances surrounding society’s most notorious criminal acts,

revealing the evil deeds and individuals who committed them.

In a season of forgiveness and celebration, explore the darker side and remind yourself of the importance of good will towards men.

Without law and order much of what we celebrate this A wonderfully

Christmas would not be possible – there would be ‘no peace on earth’, no ‘mercy mild’.

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