Exclusive and comfortable

Exclusive and comfortable

Norwegian SB SiriBrodersen offers practical, clean design and highly comfortable clothes that are all one of a kind.

SB SiriBrodersen clothing can make you feel as comfortable and natural as nature itself.

You may be wearing cosy fabrics, but designer Siri Brodersen makes sure that you wear them with style.

All of her ideas start in her home in Lyngør, a small, car-free island in southern Norway.

Here she has time and inspiration to focus on her work, where the surrounding nature and spirit is reflected in her work.

“What inspires me the most are my friends, but also living in such a beautiful place.”

Brodersen’s work has an unmistakably Scandinavian style, Exclusive and comfortable.

with soft, earthy colours and natural fabrics like merino wool to keep you warm on a chilly day.

“It all started when I couldn’t find the perfect bag, so I made one,” says the designer.

From then on, she has based her designs on the needs of her family, and two years in, Exclusive and comfortable.

she has 70 retailers in Norway, an online store, and now wishes to expand beyond her native country.

“I have the luxury of producing a small number of samples, all of which are tested and thoroughly made.”

That way, when wearing a SiriBrodersen piece, you always know that it is exclusive and of top-quality.

“A bag may only have five copies,” Brodersen explains.

Her newest products are shawls, and she recently started working on a summer collection

with shirts and dresses in linen and cotton for those bright summer’s days.

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