The family business behind Norway’s notorious sealskin boots

The family business behind Norway’s notorious sealskin boots

The shoe-producing family business Topaz is the world’s largest producer of sealskin boots and slippers,

and the ever-expanding company is preparing for the winter with several new top-quality models.

For over 20 years, Topaz has produced its high-standard boots and slippers, and considering the materials used and the inimitable design,

it is easy to understand why the boots can be found in some of Norway’s finest and largest shops.

“Sealskin has superior insulation, making it sustainable in extremely cold temperatures, The family business.

and the design makes the boots uniquely Nordic,” says Helge Reigstad, managing director at Topaz Arctic Shoes.

“In fact, we have models that are used on polar expeditions – some of our boots have been to both the south and the north poles!”

This is classic Norwegian design, and every boot is hand-made.

The classic model, Article no 50, is still selling just as much today as it did in the 1960s.

Topaz, launching new coloured models in felt this season, is continuously introducing new models, The family business.

like last season’s slippers and one modern-looking boot: the Polar.

“Polar is our latest modern model, and it is designed to go higher up on the legs. All of our boots are designed for winter and cold weather, but thanks to its design,

the Polar can also be used in the autumn and spring time,” says Reigstad, who designs all the models himself.

Despite the seal industry being highly regulated, the company, based in Ulefoss in Norway, strives to make caring for the environment a vital priority.

“The seals are mostly from Norway and certain areas around Greenland, and this is due to EU regulations.

We strive to maintain our quality and tradition while also focusing on future growth.”

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