Modern rag rugs

Modern rag rugs with a proud heritage

Sweden has a long tradition of weaving rag rugs as a way of recycling worn-out bed sheets and other fabrics.

Today, Vandra Rugs uses those very same age-old techniques, Modern rag rugs

refined in the 1940s when the classic textile company EMTE Textil was founded, using the finest cotton, flax and wool.

Respected by leading architects and interior designers, the Vandra Rugs products can be found,

amongst other places, in hotel Ett Hem, decorated by Ilse Crawford, and Svenskt Tenn boutiques.

Combining the rustic feel of a rag rug with the refined qualities of cotton fabrics and Belgian flax warp, Modern rag rugs

Vandra Rugs has created a product that looks crafted and modern at the same time.

The result is a rug that works in a number of different environments,

popular with house owners and established interior designers alike.

Handwoven and bespoke

But more than preserving a handicraft tradition and creating beautiful bespoke rugs that last,

Vandra Rugs works with weavers in a destitute part of Ukraine – women who have been trained especially Modern rag rugs

with the EMTE mentality in mind and are now the main breadwinners in their families.

Because the rugs are handwoven, they can be made to order in sizes up

to four metres wide and 16 metres long, with over 200 different rag colours,

four different types of warp, and a multitude of weaving patterns to choose from.

Additionally, as the Vandra Rugs reputation is gaining pace,

the rugs can be purchased in numerous countries across the globe,

including in the London shops Chelsea Textiles, Sinclair Till and Nordic Style.

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