Going beyond the call of duty

Going beyond the call of duty

Dedicated to her work, Hattingh sometimes uses

her own resources to meet claimants and even works over weekends without being compensated.

“We received a presidential enquiry from an employee suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

I went on a weekend, using my own transport, to her house (about 50km from my house), to pick up the documents.

“She was not able to submit the documents to us by hand or in an electronic format that is supported by our systems.

The case is still not resolved, but the employee now understands the process and is satisfied with the effort that I put in to assist her.”

 That was not the only time she went beyond the call of duty to assist her clients. Previously she travelled 70km to help a client Going beyond the call of duty.

“An employee was allocated an award. He was unable to submit the original documents for payment to our office and he was in serious need of money.

 “I arranged to meet him on a Sunday, half way between my house and his (about 70km), to pick up the documents for submission the next week.”

Hattingh says she would not trade her job in the public service

for anything because it gives her a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of the people she serves.

After Hattingh won the award, the then MEC of Finance, Mandla Nkomfe, had only praise for her.

“Hester is our big star and deserves more than a pat on the back Going beyond the call of duty.

The entire executive of the GDF is ecstatic and we want to see more such individuals in the department.

She is a true symbol of what a public servant should be,” he said at the awards.

Involvement in community projects Hattingh is also passionate about the community and is involved in a number of community projects.

As project manager for Lions International’s Florida Branch (2013/2014) – a charity organisation –

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