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A little Norwegian fairytale in Setesdal

Once upon a time there was a silversmith who decided to start a hotel in the charming village of Setesdal, right in the heart of Norway.

The hotel is Sølvgarden Hotell (translating as Silver Farm Hotel) and looks like a fairytale castle set in an equally idyllic landscape.

You would be forgiven for thinking of Disney hit film Frozen when seeing pictures from Setesdal.

This is probably as Norwegian as things get, based on landscape, local dialect, culinary traditions and dancing.

Thus the opportunities are enormous when opening a hotel here – as are the expectations.

Sølvgarden Hotell passes the test with flying colours and fits seamlessly into the picture perfect community.

“It is like a little fairytale where guests can relax in peaceful surroundings and enjoy A little Norwegian

beautiful nature while experiencing rich local culture and traditions,” says owner Trygve Rysstad.

Connecting Norway

Setesdal is located at the very heart of Norway, connecting west with east and south with north.

Even if it had not been such a lovely place, you would have to go through the village to cross the country.

It is, however, highly recommended to stay longer than just for a breather on the way across the mountains, and many people do.

A year-round destination, Sølvgarden Hotell is never quiet. With autumn approaching, A little Norwegian

berry pickers from all over southern and western Norway are bringing their buckets

while eager fishermen from all over Europe come to catch a big one in the river Otra. When autumn turns to winter, skiers set in.

“There are no quiet times, apart from a few days over Christmas when we close down.

Apart from that it is business as usual around 360 days a year,” Rysstad says.

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