Enough winter for everyone

Enough winter for everyone, inside and out

There is something surprisingly satisfying about blushed cheeks after spending a day out in the crisp and frosty air.

That winter feeling is easier to fall in love with than you think,

especially when there is a four-course meal waiting for you once you get inside.

In the midst of Norway’s snow-covered mountains lays Hindsæter Mountain Hotel.

The same traditional timber buildings have been there since 1898, although they have received a few updates since then.

Owners Karola Wenzel and André Sundero aim to welcome guests the same way they always have done. Enough winter for everyone

“It was our joint appreciation of nature, the serenity and the winters that drew us in,” Wenzel says.

In the stunning Jotunheimen National Park, there is enough winter for everyone and there are many

ways to take on the white element, from snowshoes to alpine skies.

But the most treasured attraction has nothing to do with snow.

During the summer months, the river Sjoa is the ideal place for rafting, but come winter the action grinds to a halt.

Instead, Sjoa turns into a magic kingdom made of ice in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Exploration of this frozen world is called ice canyoning, and is something of a forte at Hindsæter.

“It’s spectacular but also very safe,” says Wenzel. “If you can walk on your own two feet, you are fit enough to join us on an ice safari in Sjoa.”

With nature literally on its doorstep, Hindsæter is used to the frequent visits by both reindeer and moose.

While one has become their home-cooked specialty, the other is usually watched from afar.

Reindeer is one of the region’s traditional delicacies and, just like the rest of its locally-sourced food, Enough winter for everyone

something Hindsæter Mountain Hotel takes care only to serve the very best of.

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