Resting in Reykjavík

Resting in Reykjavík

In a family-friendly neighbourhood close to Reykjavík’s centre hides a hotel

one that’s easy to find but still manages to surprise you in a wonderful way.

The cosy yet modern Scandinavian atmosphere is perfectly fitted to help you rest and gather Resting in Reykjavík

your thoughts as you pen a journal or go through your photos after a day filled with Icelandic wonders.

It’s not just the in-style, beautiful interior design or the great facilities that are responsible for the instant attraction;

there are hearts that beat with hospitality behind it all. Somehow you can feel it in the air.

“We aim to make it cosy, making guests feel at home without stress.

We try to help them as best as we can,” says hotel manager María Björnsdóttir.

Since the house was built in 1965 it’s been owned by the same family.

In 2013 it was turned into Hotel Lotus, with the first guests arriving in December the same year.

The hotel has 13 rooms that all have a flat screen TV, safety box, hairdryer and free Wi-Fi.

The rooms are single, standard and deluxe rooms and most of the rooms on the second level have a private balcony.

With plenty of parking lots Hotel Lotus is ideal for people travelling by car, and whether on foot or Resting in Reykjavík

wheels one can find the geothermal pool in Laugardalur at a short distance from the hotel.

The same goes for the Zoo and the Botanical gardens. A great variety of restaurants and the shopping centre Resting in Reykjavík

Kringlan are also in walking distance from the hotel.

The hosts are sure to give you a warm welcome, serve you delicious breakfast and make you feel at home.

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