The discretion

The discretion, elegance and charm of a royal mistress

Once the elegant but secluded home of a king’s mistress, Jomfruens Egede is today a valued location for exclusive, private board meetings.

Located in the south of Zealand, the old manor offers spectacular architectural,

historical and natural settings within an easy 40-minute drive from Copenhagen.

With a history that dates back to 1346, Jomfruens Egede is steeped in history and elegant charm.

Renovated and extended in the late 18th century, the manor is described by the National Museum of Denmark as

“one of, if not the, main work of Danish interior art from the last part of the 18th century”.

Up until just 15 years ago, the manor was a functioning home and, with much of the interiors intact, The discretion

guests get an exclusive yet homely experience, says manager Henrik Clemens Berthelsen.

“The fact that Jomfruens Egede is an old manor house designed as a private home is something

which reflects very much in the atmosphere of the place.

It gives you the sense that you are visiting a private home; it is a feeling of intimacy and discretion at the same time,” he says.

While Berthelsen heads the manor’s hospitality services, owner Joachim greve Moltke manages the large landholdings.

Jomfruens Egede, matching the settings with a discrete,

attentive and flexible service has become an essential part of Berthelsen’s hospitality strategy.

This is why Jomfruens Egede only ever hosts one event at a time.

The size of events varies greatly; the manor’s largest room seats up to 150 people

while a string of smaller rooms and saloons can be arranged for meetings of all sizes and settings.

“We don’t have one standard setting but adapt every event to our clients.

We can provide a solution for most needs.

The same goes for the food and activities. Our standard kitchen is French/Danish,

but if you prefer Italian food, we can arrange that too,” says Berthelsen.

“We also work with a range of partners offering all kinds of activities in the area from climbing to teambuilding and,

of course, our large private forest and grounds are perfect for ‘walk and talks’ or shooting clay pigeons.”

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