We are the heroes of our time

We are the heroes of our time

It’s May, and few things stir up a conversation as much as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Here is Scan Magazine’s guide to the Nordic melodies you will spend a good year trying to get off your mind.

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett will represent Norway with A Monster Like Me.

It’s an epic ballad that has become a big fan favourite, although its chances of winning in Vienna may be

scuppered somewhat by the fact that the contest this year features so many other brooding ballads.

It will most definitely give Norway a very respectable result though.

Denmark will be represented with The Way You Are by Anti Social Media.

The four pop boys perform a catchy, up-tempo track that sounds like a radio-friendly cross between the Motown, We are the heroes of our time

Britpop, and the current incarnation of Take That.

The feel-good anthem should do well on the night and will benefit from its rousing tempo in comparison to what else is on offer this year.

Iceland is competing with the song Unbroken by María Ólafs.

A Disney flavoured ballad performed by a doe-eyed, blondehaired, angelic young girl.

The Icelandic delegation are in addition rumoured to be ramping up Frozen references by incorporating some look-alike visuals into the song’s staging.

Finland is sending an elderly punk band made up of musicians with learning difficulties to compete.

PKN performed an 85-second punk track and won the hearts of the nation in the process.

It’s perhaps unlikely that their story will translate onto a continental scale, We are the heroes of our time

but after what they achieved in Finland, they are not to be counted out so easily.

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