Sports and culture bring people together

Sports and culture bring people together

Sports and cultural events are renowned for bringing people from all walks of life together.

Recently, the department hosted various activities to celebrate arts and culture in the province.

This included Heritage Day celebrations, Freedom Day in April at Makhado Municipality,

Africa Day at Mutale and the province will also celebrate the Mapungubwe Arts Festival.

“All these we don’t do because we have too much money but because they are important and are necessary to do.

These events bring our people together and through them we teach each other about our heritage, history and culture,” she said at the forum.

She added that the events hosted by the department should be used to give artists from

the province the opportunity to learn from each other and express their talent.

“We use these events to showcase the local talent                                                       

Our artists learn more from each other as well.” MEC Ndalane told the forum

that municipalities should play a role in helping the department bring people together through sporting events by providing infrastructure.

“As a department we do not do stadiums and play fields. We depend on municipalities to provide that infrastructure for us.”

 She added that the department would host a sports indaba to deal with issues facing the sports fraternity in the province.

“I am asking you to come and participate and help us improve our service delivery model,” she said.

MEC Ndalane encouraged delegates at the forum to join clubs to keep fit and participate in sporting activities Sports and culture bring people together.

“I encourage all of you gathered here today to help us form walk and running clubs Sports and culture bring people together.

We should find a way to reduce the number of people with high blood pressure in our communities. It is possible through simply exercise such as walking.”

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