Riveting News from

Riveting News from

The first new rivets in more than 80 years have been driven on the US Lighthouse Tender Lilac.

The ship usually opens for the summer on Memorial Day weekend with birthday cake for all visitors to celebrate the anniversary of her launch on 26 May 1933.

Some months ago, our youngest volunteer (who turned seven years old herself on May 8th) suggested that, for Lilac’s birthday, people could have cake while the ship should get oil.

The suggestion was heard loud and clear! Although the ship is closed to the public due

to the pandemic, essential volunteer crew shared cake and the old girl received oil—but also a gift of rivets in honor of her 87th year.

Operations Director Luke Gayford had been fabricating and preparing a new knee for Riveting News from

the bulkhead in what was originally the crew head on the starboard side of the Riveting News from.

Only twelve rivets were driven, but the work symbolized the progress being made towards future operation of the vessel.

Gayford, a skilled welder, has brought with him decades (above) Six of 12 rivets are in place.

The knee on the other side of this bulkhead had been held in place by bolts until they were replaced by rivets.

(middle photo) Volunteer Joe Casey cooks his first rivet, while Angus McCamy looks on. of experience in ship restoration gained with the Sydney [Australia] Heritage Fleet,

and he is training a core crew of volunteers to fix critical issues that will bring the ship closer to operating condition.

Last fall, the engineering crew under the direction of Jon Zepp, a steam engineer with years of experience as a crewmember with the Liberty ship SS John

W. Brown, got the starboard engine cranked over, so both of the triple expansion engines are nearly ready.

A fundraising campaign is underway to bring this oldest surviving lighthouse tender back to life as a passenger vessel.

For more details on Lilac’s progress and ways to help, visit the Lilac Preservation Project’s website at.

For more information:  ฮานอยสามัคคี

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