Aseries of extremely

She likes the study

Aseries of extremely audible scratching sounds,

an anguished grunt, and the click of a ball catch being nosed open in exasperation.

Much investigative clattering, followed by a wistful sigh. Further clattering, suggestion of rugs being shifted across the floor with intense concentration, more sighs subsiding into nasal whistling

and, at long last, deep, contented snores. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that my dog has no concept of online lessons.

She likes the study because it is warm, quiet and contains a large fleece blanket that she has been sick on at least once. Aseries of extremely

She also likes the living room, where my dad holds Zoom conferences, and has been sure to make herself known to his colleagues (‘Well, they saw the tips of her ears’).

The doors of both are fastened with ball catches, so, short of barricading them with armchairs,

we have little hope of securing ourselves absolute privacy; but then, the vast majority of the time, Persie – Persephone (yes, really) – is hardly an obtrusive presence.

The main exception being the Latin lesson during which, roused by a perfect passive participle, she drove her claws into my leg in order to balance out a transitional stretch.

This article, however, is to focus rather on the vast majority of the time, since I would like to feel it is this by which our lockdown will principally be defined, in memory, for the years to come .

Having absorbed the Kennel Club statistics on pandemic puppies – while two thirds of new owners claim their dog became a ‘lifeline’

during COVID-19, a quarter devoted less than two hours to preliminary research, and around 15% now realise they were unready to make the commitment – I am, to say the least, conflicted.

 Persie has been in the family for two years, acquired as the result of a dedicated campaign of attrition, rather than an impulse buy.

The thought that anyone might consider a puppy a mere incidental accessory to relieve

the tedium of WFH fills me with rage; but I am also forced to admit that, come lockdown, we needed a dog.

On a pathological level. To survive. And so I am going to supply the least helpful response possible to these figures, She likes the study

which is, of course, a list of the various benefits of whiling away quarantine in the company of a dog .

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