Future Plans and Objectives

Future Plans and Objectives

The Strategic Plan 2016-2026 was approved in 2016/17 and is updated annually.

At its foundation are the elements that Oundle considers to be of greatest value: its pupils, its staff, the opportunities it offers, its communities and the intrinsic importance of striving for the highest quality.

The School will benefit greatly from the educational vision that is at the heart of the recent capital projects

and the new opportunities that these facilities will bring. Whilst it is inevitable that the impacts felt by the COVID-19

crisis will affect the School for some time to come and some future buildings development will be put on hold,

 this will enable the School to focus on its core services and facilities along with embracing

the new state of the art sports facilities that are at the heart of the Sports Masterplan and which opened for the 20/21 academic year.

Along with historical cash reserves, the loan agreement with HSBC,

the cash proceeds from land sales, fundraising receipts Future Plans and Objectives

and the forecasted level of operating surplus, the Corporation continues to be in a satisfactory financial position to develop and deliver its plans.

During the coming years, Oundle will seek to offer an increasing degree of bursarial support through growth in fundraising

and to continue to improve the estate in accordance with its Strategic Development Plan.

The move of scholarships to honorary status rather than offering automatic fee remission and the plan

to provide an increasing level of bursary funding towards a target of 10% of gross fee income remain achievable and supported by long term financial planning.

We are proud that an extensive range of awards enables Oundle to remain a widely inclusive community, attracting children from a broad range of backgrounds.

Through successful fundraising, both for imminent expenditure and for the relevant Endowment Funds, Future Plans and Objectives

the Foundation plays a major part in the School’s ability to offer such support now and in the future.

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