His son Malcolm (D 66) writes: John Watson has died,

aged 99; he was one of the last to have completed his schooling in Old Dryden.

Keeping in touch through reunions over the years, he was a great supporter of the Over 60s lunch.

Attending five of the first six held with his son Malcolm, they remain the only father and son to have done so.

Born in Durban, South Africa, he returned with his parents to the East Riding of Yorkshire, aged four and a half.

After school he joined his grandfather’s firm of chartered surveyors in Kingston upon Hull and, on his nineteenth birthday the Territorial Army, Royal Artillery.

Called up in June 1939, he never spent a night at home for the next six years Obituaries.

Employed initially in Home defence, he also served in the North Africa and Italian campaigns.

He was discharged as a captain in December 1945 to rejoin his grandfather’s firm, helping to deal with the war damage in Hull, the second most bombed city in the country after London.

 In due course, he qualified as a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, later becoming a fellow, and a partner in the firm.

Marrying in 1946, three children followed but the marriage broke down in 1955; he remarried in 1963.

He was elected chairman of the Yorkshire Branch of Chartered Surveyors in 1964 and was a respected member of the business community.

The firm opened an office in London and he led a staff of 60 in four branches. In 1969 he sought a more creative career in property development and they moved to North Yorkshire buying a large house with 30 acres in the village of Thornton-le-Beans.

He designed and built houses there and in nearby Thirsk. Retiring in 1985, they moved to Ryde on the Isle of Wight, from whence his wife came.

 Taking up painting as a hobby in retirement, he became a student in 1992 of the late Robert Lenkiewicz, Obituaries

the West Country’s most celebrated artist in modern times, travelling frequently to his studio in Plymouth.

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