Chris Davison

Chris Davison

It is exceptionally sad to see Dr Chris Davison leave Oundle after four years

to take up a post at Wellington College.

Arriving, fresh from a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Nottingham University, he settled naturally into his teaching.

Chris has brought a real flare and passion to the subject, Chris Davison

and with his exceptional understanding of the subject has been a real asset in growing the reputation of the subject, across all year groups.

Chris is hugely respected by his Chemistry colleagues, and well renowned for being able to stretch and challenge those most able – even his co-workers at times.

Chris took on the running of the Fire and Rescue section of the CCF in September 2014 and took to playing fireman Sam very quickly indeed.

Those involved in the activity have gained much from his leadership,

and his considered, calm and patient manner has been an asset to the CCF.

Chris has been a patient, caring and wise tutor in Laxton. He is described as a cheery presence, and one who naturally commands and has earned respect from his tutees.

 The Laxton team will miss him immensely. Oundle Hockey, both town school, have benefitted from having Chris on side.

He has coached U15 and U16 A teams – taking extra sessions and supporting teams as they face national competitions.

He is also a keen cyclist and has supported the cycling squad during the Summer term.

He is exceptionally streamlined and fast, and would often cycle what sounded like a 1000 miles on a Sunday afternoon without blinking.

He even managed to get me on a road bike once or twice; where I truly saw his patient and caring side in action.

Chris, has enjoyed a number of trips during his time here, notably to Berlin, Sicily, The Somme, The Peak District and the Yorkshire cricket tour.

He has contributed a lot to the wider extra-curricular life of the School and Common Room,even playing for the staff cricket team too,

and it is here I must confess that he was probably not out the time I gave him LBW two years ago, I hope he will forgive me.

Ultimately Chris has been an excellent teacher, sportsman, coach, tutor and friend during his stint at Oundle.

Always a happy and steady colleague: and the whole Common Room wish him the very best with his teaching career ahead.

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