Hallo zusammen! It gives me great pleasure to lead the German department here at Oundle.

Together with Frau Sara Davidson, Herr Jens Röhrborn, Herr Timothy Watson and this year’s foreign language assistant, SPOTLIGHT

Frau Maria Bitschnau, we strive for academic excellence, whilst offering a diverse and varied programme of enrichment activities.

We firmly believe in exposing our pupils to authentic language and endeavour to offer all year groups the opportunity to visit Germany during their time with us.

How can they understand the value of the language if they don’t have the chance to put it into practice?

Our activities include crafts, debating, and events such as a German Declamation Competition

for all years, as well as an Oundle Oktoberfest for our Sixth Form pupils.

We also run numerous trips: a Sixth Form study trip to Leipzig, Berlin and Schulpforta;

a Fourth Form exchange with Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium Hamburg;

a Third Form Christmas trip to Tübingen, Herrenberg and Stuttgart; SPOTLIGHT

and a Second Form trip to Birmingham Christmas Market, to give a few examples.

We hope that by having access to a plethora of extra-curricular activities,

pupils will broaden their cultural and linguistic knowledge and understanding.

We are fully aware of the importance of nurturing our young Germanists, who are, by default, already a unique body due to the national decline in young German learners.

German in the UK continues to lose out to other more popular languages choices, which are perceived as more valuable or easier to learn.

Here at Oundle we do all we can to buck the national trend and our German department continues to be in good health.

We enjoy a close working relationship with Laxton Junior School, with our pupils and staff regularly supporting their German programme and events.

Particular highlights included judging at the Eurovision competition last summer and attending this year’s inaugural Kaffee und Kuchen afternoon.

It is so important that we enthuse our youngest learners to embrace language learning right from the start.

The benefits of increased linguistic diversity are clear: enhanced relationships, increased social mobility,

a greater cultural awareness, as well as the acquisition of core skills including communication, commitment and determination.

The UK and Germany continue to work closely with each other, thus the need for talented linguists remains.

For more information: ฮานอยสามัคคี

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