It feels amazing to help

It feels amazing to help

It feels amazing to help students to be able to go to St Peter’s.

I used to make random donations to help pupils be able to go to the school – usually when I had a phone call over the summer.

 I then swopped to a monthly amount when I realised it helped budgeting for the school.

I don’t miss the cash and if ever I do notice it on a bank statement it makes me feel really chirpy. Here are some of the reasons why.

I met my best friend Judith at St Peter’s in 1980 – she had bagged

the best desk in our study, with a lovely view of the front of the school,

and was putting up all of her posters as I walked in. I forgave her my viewless desk and we became firm friends.

I had been at a school in Barbados before that, government funded, and therefore no cash for anything.

We had to run round the one playing field 20 times for cross country.

By contrast St Peter’s had everything; interesting teaching, so many sports, Why I give… 627 Donor drama, a spirit of competitiveness plus family, with a great social side.

The school made me feel I could achieve anything, and had a fabulous blend of making me feel independent plus pastoral care when I needed it.

40 years on Judith and I still meet up several times a year, her daughter is called Sophie, and guess what – Judith came

to St Peter’s because she won a scholarship, the contribution to her school fees mean that we met in the fi rst place.

 Judith went on to be a journalist and an author, I run a business making car cleaning products,

and hopefully my monthly donation helps other people’s dreams come true too. Sophie Atkinson

 (School House 1980-1982) 627 Society Donor Sophie is CEO of Autosmart International, It feels amazing to help

the UK and Ireland’s largest manufacturer and distributor of vehicle cleaning and professional products.

It has just been listed as one of the top 200 companies for international growth in The Sunday Times.

 It sells through more than 250 franchisees across the UK, Europe and Australia Why I give… 627 Donor.

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