James did next

James did next

Life at School was a big personal change.

Joining at the age of sixteen, this was my first time away from home.

Despite this, the fellow boys in the house and the house mistress were all very welcoming to new arrivals.

The routines certainly took time to get used to; particularly the early starts which I’m sure Mrs Williams, Linton House mistress at the time, can agree with me on this!

There were many memorable times throughout my two years of school and living in the boarding house.

The general experience of living with the other boys, led to some vivid and funny memories, as I’m sure you can imagine.

 After my A-Levels, I moved on to King’s College, London where I am reading medicine.

Now in my second year of the five-year degree, the course has particularly picked up in pace regarding clinical exposure.

On Friday’s I now find myself taking consultations on GP placement, with guidance from a General Practitioner when needed.

In addition, with respect to hospital placement at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, James did next

I have been able to see rare and interesting medical interventions and cases that may not be presenting anywhere else in the UK.

These include seeing the exciting new technology for patients with type 1 diabetes and the very new cases of the Wuhan corona-virus.

With the academic aspect of the degree aside, the placement at St Thomas’ Hospital also provides me with

the beautiful view of the Houses of Parliament, which itself has a historical link back to the School that I’m sure we are all aware of! James did next

Almost every day, I am asked the following question, “Do you know what you want to specialise in yet?” Sometimes this is even asked by my patients.

 At this current moment in time, other than knowing that one day I will qualify as a Doctor, I am not entirely sure what my future in medicine will consist of.

At the moment I have some interest in nephrology and cardiology, however it is possible that in future new specialities will develop that do not currently exist, which I may take interest in.

 Moving from perhaps what you could call the ‘capital of the North’ to London does bring its changes.

The first noticeable difference is that London, as you can imagine, is much busier than York. This can be a desirable trait of living in the city

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