Aaron from Sony NZ

Aaron from Sony NZ

We will continue to see camera brands shift more of their focus to mirrorless,

with further development and innovation in mirrorless technology.

While we can’t reveal any information about specific Sony products that are in development, at Photokina

(September 2018) we announced our intention to release 10-12 new lenses before the end of 2020 ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี.

Sony is also focusing on improving the artificial intelligence within our cameras. For example, Sony’s engineers are currently working on extending

the Eye Autofocus feature to also include animals (at present Eye AF only works with humans).

This development will be fantastic for wildlife photographers.

The video space keeps advancing rapidly.

4k is well established now, and 8k is already on the horizon.

With 8k recording it will be possible to pull a 32 megapixel still image from the video file.

Media display formats are changing, and video is quickly gaining greater prominence.

All the social media channels are becoming more video-centric (e.g. Instagram and Facebook Stories). Even around town we’re seeing more digital displays (e.g. in bus shelters),

and as a result we will see more professional image makers offering both stills and motion services Aaron from Sony NZ.

Mirrorless cameras are well placed for this shift as they are designed and built to shoot stills and video, rather than the video just being an add-on feature, as it is with DLSR cameras.

The development of the Sony E-mount lens range has had video usage factored in from day one – so they’re quieter and smoother when focusing.

For stills photography it really doesn’t matter if the lens makes a noise, but with video (and especially when using a shotgun mic above the lens) you don’t want it making any noise.

The next generation of photographers are not as fixated on the traditional camera brands Aaron from Sony NZ.

 They are hybrid shooters, telling stories with both stills and video, and they need cameras that allow them to jump very easily between the two.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

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