Audio-visual notes


THE FOLLOWING HONOURS were presented at the recent

Australian Photographic Society Convention.

Alistair McAuslan APSNZ achieved his Associate of the Australian Photographic Society for Audio-visuals (AV-AAPS)

and Trish McAuslan APSNZ achieved her Licentiate of the Australian Photographic Society for Audio-visuals.

 Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy for digital audio-visual sequences This year’s competition was organised ลาวสามัคคี

by Gail Stent APSNZ and her team from the North Shore Photographic Society.

Our thanks to all of them for the excellent work they did, and to everyone who entered. Without them there would be no competition!

We appreciated the work of the three accredited AV judges, Bruce Burgess FPSNZ, Bob McCree FPSNZ and Karen Lawton,

who had the challenging task of selecting the winners. Congratulations to everyone who was successful Audio-visual notes.

This year I have asked the authors of the award winning entries to tell us a little about their audio-visuals.

These AVs will be shown at the PSNZ National Convention in April next year Audio-visual notes.

‘I had visited Inle Lake and had taken many photos, but they were merely a record of my visit. They needed a framework so that they could be used to tell a story.

As a geography teacher who had also taught tourism I knew about some of the impacts of tourism on local people. Audio-visual notes

I also knew that Mynamar had been isolated from the rest of the world for several decades but had recently begun welcoming visitors.

My aim in this AV was to consider the impact of the rapid growth of tourism on the people of Inle Lake.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี

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