cold puma

With that in mind, Cold Pumas need another word to describe their music.

Because while their relentless grooves bound forward, over and over, boring it ain’t.

Like a stuck needle on an Abe Vigoda record, there’s beauty in this trio’s harsh, looping jams.puma

“I think the repetition thing just came from zoning out when playing something over and over and over again, that is what’s to blame,” reasons guitarist Dan Reeves puma

“We want people to go from liking something, to thinking ‘why are they still
playing this?’, to then start zoning out with us. puma

We all love it when you lock into a rhythm or pattern when you’re watching
a band play, we want people to be excited and focused on stuff like that when they watch us.

Also, that moment when you change a chord after ages of repetition, or drop in a sad bass note or the snare finally comes in – that’s the moment
we’re always going towards.”puma

Dan pauses. “That sounds like puma

bullshit, doesn’t it? We’re into repetition because we’re lazy. puma

And, although we LOVE repetition, we do also love songs, so hopefully there are some actual tunes in there and it’s not just three dudes infinitely jamming at each other.”puma

Three dudes jamming at each other it most definitely is.

Live, Dan, bassist Oliver and drummer Patrick hypnotise each other, locking in mathy riffs, almost oblivious to onlookers.

But to be an onlooker is a fascinating thrill, and in case you’re wondering Cold Pumas do also carry the tunes they hope for.

New single ‘Altered Yeast’ is abrasively unapologetic from the off (no ambient, building intro to this kraut assault), but it’s never mindless.

Sad bass notes do subtlety drop in, endless repetition does cease for a greater effect.

And when you think you’ve worked the song out, just as repetition is looking like an ugly word again, HEALTH-esque zombie vocals arrive that you can’t make out.

It’s far from predictable and derivative.

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