The Revolution at Sea

The Revolution at Sea

Last summer a class of history students wrote about the role of navies in the American Revolution after having spent.

the afternoon involved in a roaring sea battle between two Revolutionary Warera square-riggers fighting, firing,

The Revolution at Sea and maneuvering through Long Island Sound.

“The cannons made so much smoke we could hardly even see the other ship and we were right on top of it!” exclaimed Mike, a student from South Boston High.

“But if we’ d been firing real ammo we’ d have taken out their mainmast.

I know it!” The mock sea battle is hard work, like any soccer game ashore-but the high point of the game is when the opposing crews meet and get to hear what was going on aboard the other ship.

Last spring, a high school American literature class read aloud chapters of Captains.

Courageous in the evening light on the deck of a 100-year-old Gloucester fishing schooner anchored off the Massachusetts coast.”

I Iike to have them read Chapter Three by lamplight in the hold below decks,” said the captain.

“There you can really empathi ze with Kipling’s characters.”

And this fall , students from a school in the Midwest explored the perils of documentary film-making while scrambling about on the crowded decks and in the rigging of HMS Bounty,

the ship built for filming the Oscar-winning 1962 MGM movie Mutiny on the Bounty.

Recently a class of art students spread out their sketchpads on the foredeck of the Elizabethan galleon.

Golden Hinde to practice the techniques of marine painting while drawing the other ships anchored in Charleston Harbor.

And, after sleeping on a hard wooden bunk in a tiny crew compartment with 12 other schoolmates for two weeks,

The Revolution at Sea a class of composition students wrote a series of short stories about living aboard an immigrant vessel.

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