Keeping the skies safe

Keeping the skies safe

The sky may be a limit for a lot of people,

but for Nwabisa Vitshima (32) it is her second home.

 Every day, Vitshima protects the lives of thousands of people through her exciting job as an air traffic controller at the East London Airport.

She directs aeroplanes to safely land and takeoff.

The bigger part of her job is to prevent aircraft accidents as an employee of the Air Traffi c and Navigation Services (ATNS).

ATNS is an entity of the Department of Transport (DoT) and its primary mandate is to render air traffi c control

and management solutions for South Africa as well as 10 percent of the world’s airspace.

“As an air traffi c controller, my daily job forms an integral part of the company’s mandate because I am at the forefront of the provision of service delivery.

 I interact with airliners, fl ight schools and the overall operational team of the airport.

 “As the front line worker, I ensure that we provide the best service because this directly refl ects the image of the company

and my work impacts on the safety of people’s lives every day,”she says.

Passenger safety Vitshima’s responsibility is to ensure the safety of an aeroplane

Keeping the skies safe and its passengers from the point it takes off at a particular airport to where it lands.

“This is done by separating the aeroplanes, making sure they maintain the required spacing in the skies and at the airports.”

She takes pride in her work knowing that the safety of everyone travelling

on aircraft within South African borders, especially in the Eastern Cape, is her responsibility.

 “I have to ensure that the aircraft gets to its destination safely.

Seeing the passengers safe gives me a great sense of joy,” she says.

 Keeping the skies safe Vitshima grew up in the small Eastern Cape village of Sidwadweni.

She excelled at school and went on to get a university degree in analytical chemistry.

the DoT, which was looking to recruit air traffic controllers from the Eastern Cape.

For more information:  ฮานอยสามัคคี

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