Youth have

Youth have

The youth of today will forever remember

the fact that they lived through one of the most catastrophic pandemics in the history of humanity.

They will remember the novel coronavirus as a watershed moment in their lives – a time when major transitions happened both in the world around them and within their own personal spaces.

Young people are among the most affected by the pandemic’s socio-economic impact.

Yet, generally speaking, they are also the best positioned to roll with the punches, to innovate and adapt.

As South Africa celebrates Youth Month, let us remember the youth whose bravery

and determination during the 1976 Soweto uprising profoundly changed the socio-political landscape in our country.

Young people are change-makers, powered by idealism, passion and courage.

Right now, the majority of South Africa’s youth are in a vulnerable place, with life as they know it transformed, the economy in recession and their future uncertain.

However, with the right support, we have little doubt that it is this generation that will light the way forward.

Youth Month calls on businesses, educators, government and all other stakeholders to give serious consideration to how they can help position young people for

Youth have the inevitable time when they must step up and move the country forward.

Given the massive impact the pandemic is having on young people, who have little to cushion them from the blows,

Youth have it becomes imperative that both the private and public sector put interventions in place to support our youth.

Government has introduced a number of interventions aimed at assisting businesses in general, and youth-owned enterprises in particular.

These interventions include the Debt Relief Fund and

 Investors in fixed-rate bonds can earn the best available interest rate over the life of their investments because they have the option of restarting their investment after a year at the new prevailing interest rate.

The restart option also allows an investor to change their investment period.

Holders of these bonds may also choose not to receive their interest payments on the payment dates, but rather to reinvest them.

Under special circumstances, they may also be allowed to withdraw their investment in the first 12 months of buying the bonds.

 In such an event, investors must submit a formal application to the National Treasury, setting out the particulars of the extraordinary changes in their circumstances that necessitate their need for immediate funds.

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