Pots passed on from

Pots passed on from one generation to the next

Berg’s pots are more than just flowerpots. Each of them is handmade,

unique and full of character – and the high-quality clay only makes the pots more beautiful over time.

Victor Berg opened his first flower shop in Copenhagen in 1942, and the small family business Bergs Potter (Berg’s Pots)

has now lasted three generations.

Likewise, its beautiful, rustic flowerpots live on from one generation to the next.

The high-density, high-quality clay makes them naturally sturdy, Pots passed on from

so they can survive for decades indoors as well as outdoors, in heat and frost, rain and sleet.

“We call them ‘generation pots’, because they can be inherited from generation to generation,”

explains Martin Olinger, owner of Bergs Potter.

“We often hear from people who have owned a Bergs flowerpot for decades.

The high quality of the clay means that the pots develop a beautiful

patina over time, and so people tell us their pots only become more gorgeous for every day that passes.”

Olinger, who is a close friend of the Berg family, Pots passed on from

has been running the company with another friend, Frits Kattrup, since 2012.

He remembers the first time he held one of Bergs Potter’s pots in his hand; only then did he truly understand

how it was different from the massproduced pots on the market.

Because Bergs Potter’s pots are handmade, they have a rustic and imperfect look.

“None of the flowerpots look exactly the same. You can see the pot’s personality, small flaws and soul, in contrast to a machine-produced pot.

And with each pot follows a little story,” Olinger says, adding that all the designs are historical patterns that have been put into production again.

When Olinger and Kattrup took over the company in 2012, they found themselves in the midst of a global financial recession.

Yet Bergs Potter only experienced growth, and its pots, which are made in Tuscany, Italy, are now sold in Scandinavia,

Germany and the US, with more countries to follow.

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