A holiday destination

A holiday destination by the sea

Hotel and cabin complex Garsnes Brygge welcomes visitors to its slightly tucked away resort,

where guests can enjoy the great outdoors, high-quality food and fun activities – all in the land of the midnight sun.

Located in the Sagfjord in Salangen municipality in northern Norway, Garsnes Brygge started up 12 years ago, in the summer of 2006.

“We’ve gradually built our way up to where we are today,” explains owner Andreas Utstøl.

“We’re now quite a well-known area – both nationally and internationally.

People come to us for several reasons – the location, facilities and food.

We’re on the southern side of the fjord, where we also get the midnight sun.” A holiday destination

Utstøl adds that the atmosphere and immediate surroundings are what make Garsnes so idyllic.

“We’re quite central, even though we’re also tucked away,” he says,

explaining that their location is on the axis of Lofoten and Kirkenes.

The cabins can welcome a total of 40 guests, A holiday destination

in addition to a camping area where visitors can park their caravans and mobile homes near the beach.

The restaurant serves food focusing on good-quality ingredients, A holiday destination

and in the summer, they run an à la carte menu.

“We have a particularly good head chef, A holiday destination

who has been with us for many years.

We have a 50:50 ratio of seafood and other foods.

We use what we can get locally, and we change the menu after what’s available at that point in time,

so that means the menu can change daily,” says Utstøl.

“It’s a mix between traditional Norwegian dishes and more international dishes.

But we never have a big menu.”

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