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A different kind of spa

Sofiebadet in Copenhagen is a preserved and renovated bath house with a focus on ecology, sustainability and social responsibility.

If you are tired of every spa looking the same, you owe yourself a visit to Sofiebadet in Copenhagen.

The bath house dates back to 1909 and was renovated in 2009, but has preserved the original interior.

“Our spa is very different from other spas.

The tiles and floor are made of marble, A different

which gives the place a special and authentic feeling,”

says Anne Poulsen, managing director at Sofiebadet.

The bath house offers a wide range of treatments and baths,

but is probably best known for its hamam treatment.

On the navel stone in the hamam, A different

guests are resting on a bed of suds and completely covered by a layer of foam from the organic olive soap.

The body is massaged and then scrubbed with a ‘kese’, A different

before the body is finally rinsed.

“We came up with the idea for a hamam because there was an old chimney in the building that we wanted to use.

Now we have all kinds of people coming here just to try this special treatment.

Not long ago, we had a woman from New York visiting

who said that Sofiebadet was one of her two favorite spa places in the world.

People are so relaxed after getting a hamam treatment,” says Poulsen.

Concerts, private events and sustainability

Another aspect that makes Sofiebadet stand out is its sustainability and cultural profile.

All toilets in the building use rainwater for flushing; the heat in the hamam room is reused as much as possible;

all cleaning products are organic, and the next project is to install solar cells on the roof.

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