The Nordic Baking Book

The Nordic Baking Book

Magnus Nilsson, the founder and head chef at the world’s most remote restaurant,

Fäviken, which has since its inception in 2008 been included on countless lists of the world’s best restaurants,

is no longer just an impressive rising star; he is right up there with the world’s most renowned chefs, The Nordic Baking Book

and the face of an entire way of thinking and talking about food.

Keen on self-sufficiency and the local aspect of the New Nordic Cuisine wave,

Nilsson mostly serves ingredients farmed, foraged or hunted on the 24,000-acre estate of his award-winning restaurant,

some 750 kilometres north of Stockholm or a short drive from the popular Åre ski resort.

Also a gifted photographer, he has in the years since the Fäviken adventure started also released a total of four books, The Nordic Baking Book

presenting personal reflections, well-researched recipes and stunning photographs taken by the man himself.

The fourth of his book babies, The Nordic Baking Book, saw the light of day late last year, and it provides the reader

with exactly what we have come to expect from this trailblazer: simple recipes with their heart in local tradition, and raw, beautiful imagery.

As a taster, why not try his traditional Swedish twist bread and head out into the woods for a hot dog done over an open fire?

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