Sounds and modern

Sounds and modern art create a thrilling summer exhibition

Akershus Kunstsenter has in recent years become a prominent centre for art,

focusing heavily on young and non-commercial contemporary art.

The centre offers a variety of exhibitions, displaying videos and installations as Sounds and modern

well as more traditional drawings and paintings. However,

this summer the focus and priority are set on showcasing sounds.

Located in Lillestrøm, Akershus Kunstsenter will be displaying an exhibition called NOR13,

a sound-based presentation focusing on kinetic sculptures and various installations which, in distinctive ways, hold different sounds.

“This summer we can invite everyone into a fantastic and fascinating world, both adults and children,”

says Rikke Komissar, daily manager at Akershus Kunstsenter.

“This exhibition will display sculptures that walk and produce various sounds, Sounds and modern

along with objects inflating and deflating themselves and generally moving around.

“This is a very Gyro Gearloose universe,” Komissar says.

The exhibition will present works from several artists with international careers and significant experience.

“Jana Winderen is one of the artists in NOR13, and in this exhibition she will display teasers and parts of

her new sound installation due to be presented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York this autumn.

“In the work called Ultrafield, we’re introduced to 16 different channels with different sounds from nature,

and Akershus Kunstsenter has the privilege of showing previews

of this exhibition until 4 August, before it’s due for New York,” Komissar said.

Other artists part of NOR13 are Atle Selnes Nielsen, Christian Blom,

Signe Lidén, Tore Honoré Bøe, Cecilia Jonsson and Kristoffer Myskja.

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