Girls Hockey Tour

Girls Hockey Tour

On Friday 14th July, 2017, thirty girls, two women,

two men and a lion (our mascot) embarked on a three week tour to places which were (for most) unknown territory.

The trip commenced with a thirteen hour plane journey to Singapore, ‘the garden city’, that we were about to learn unequivocally lives up to its name.

Although we were only in this prosperous city for four days, our visit was rife with activity on and off the hockey pitch.

Mr Terrett’s tour of Singapore remains a highlight of the trip, consisting of a quick photo outside Girls Hockey Tour

the famous Raffles Hotel along with our first chance to taste the local cuisine and view the colonial landmarks.

 The weather in a country in such close proximity to the Equator was undoubtedly an arduous experience for us all to begin with; not helped by fatigue from the flight!

After an intense training session in the high levels of humidity,

we became accustomed to these conditions

and consequently remained unfazed by the heat as we won our opening match of the tour two days later Girls Hockey Tour.

Chinatown and Little India provided the perfect excuse for making some unnecessary purchases, accompanied

by an outing to the National Orchid Garden where we were overwhelmed by the natural beauty and serenity of the area.

Next on the agenda was a 4:00 am awakening followed by an eagerly awaited flight to Australia.

We were treated to some unforgettable, meticulously planned excursions which enabled us to enjoy the full Sydney experience.

During a quick stop at the Featherdale Wildlife Centre we spent time with koalas, kangaroos, dingos and other renowned Australian animals.

We felt humbled as we played in the Sydney 2000 Olympic hockey stadium,

knowing which celebrated teams had competed there before us.

We were lucky enough to be trained by Larry Macintosh,

a high performance coaching consultant who prepared us for the subsequent match.

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