Photographing a wedding

Photographing a wedding

I AM SURE that many of you can relate to the following situation.

Your family knows that you are a photographer and that you have a “nice” camera.

 You may even have become the unofficial photographer for family events. And then you receive an enquiry.

Somebody is getting married and they would like you to shoot the wedding.

You may be really stoked that they consider you have enough skills to take on such an important role.

This article is aimed at those photographers finding themselves in such circumstances ลาวสามัคคี.

Before you say yes! Do think very carefully before you accept the offer.

Wedding photography strikes fear in many photographers, even those who making a living from the craft.

It can be one of the most rewarding but also most stressful activities that you can engage in.

 I am going to be blunt and say that while certain skills learned

in one photographic genre can be applied to wedding photography, Photographing a wedding

 there are a lot that cannot. You need to be able to shoot rapidly and be adaptable, and for much of the time you will be in less than ideal environments, fighting the light.

I would estimate that it is at least 80% people management, and unless you have the ability to work under pressure

and direct people I would recommend that you decline and suggest they hire someone with more experience.

No two weddings are identical and it is very easy to have confusion about what the bride and groom are expecting you to do versus what you are thinking they want.

While the wedding ceremony on its own may take no more than 30 minutes, a full wedding coverage can be up to 10 hours long. It is therefore important to know how long you will be involved.

Hopefully this ties in with what you thought you would be doing, Photographing a wedding

and for how long, when you agreed to shoot the wedding.

In addition brides (and particularly first-time brides) will have ideas of the sorts of images they want.

 Pinterest and wedding magazines can be both your biggest help and at the same time your worst enemy.

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