Seminar on Careers and Skills for the 21st Century

When thinking about the essentiaI skiIIs and knowIedge of young peopIe forthemtothriveintheircareers,thereareoften key areas that are fundamentaI for success. Century In the earIy 2Oth , these incIuded mathematics and grammar. In mid to Iater 2Oth it was about criticaIthinking and abiIity to appIy knowIedge.ThesewereconsideredfundamentaI skiIIs no
matter the industry or profession for empIoyabiIity.
In the21st, arecentUSReportfromtheDepartment of
Labour suggested that up to 65% of today’s students wiII be
empIoyed in jobs that do not yet exist!

How do we prepare students for such a future? Even where we
medicine,engineeringorthe sciences, Century thequestion remainon
how these professions are changing?

For exampIe, sustainabiIity anaIystƒmanagers, digitaI
entrepreneurs, digitaI brand managers, digitaI marketing
aIIjobs that did not exist between 2OO5 − 2OO7.
This presentation seeks to highIightto key skiIIs and knowIedge
needed as we considerthe future of our students and chiIdren.Century
What key skiIIs and areas of study might be important in
preparing them for an uncertain technoIogy driven future.

Dr. Shanton Chang is an Associate Professorin
the SchooI of Computing and Information
Systems at the University of MeIbourne.Century Dr
Chang’s research interests incIude young
peopIe’s onIine behaviour and its impacton
education, mentaI weII−being and sociaI
networking, heaIth informatics and
information needs and information systems

His research on sociaI networkingbehaviour
hasbeen appIiedacrossa number ofdifferent
contexts and he has been invited to speak at
more than 4O forums in AustraIia, New
ZeaIand, South Korea and MaIaysia on this
topic in the Iast 5 years.

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