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Olympic Casino Tallinn How did you find the experience at the EDC? The EDC is a wonderful event for dealers who want to gain experience.

It is not just about competing for your own casino, it is also about communicating with others, sharing experience and learning how other dealers do their job.

Olympic Casino Did you have any memorable highlights from the EDC? I think that the highlight for me was winning one of the side events.

It was a big surprise for both me and my co-workers from Estonia. It was a good surprise indeed.

And of course, reaching the semi-finals After the first event, I was only 4th in my group’s ranking, but the next morning I really tried to give my very best and managed to get to top two and reach the semi-finals.

Would you recommend this tournament for dealers to participate? Absolutely, it is an incredible experience!

Making new friends, challenging yourself to see how good you can be and of course enjoying all the evening events.

Olympic Casino Gristin Rebane Moreover, next year the participants will have the chance to visit the lovely Monaco.

Should participants just go for it or do you have some tips? Practice! My colleagues and I were practicing almost every free break before the competition.

Also, try to stay calm at the tables and think of the judges as if they were your everyday customers.

If you will be as lucky as I was, you will be able to find some participants to support you and create a strategy on how to deal and win.

Gristin Rebane Are you planning another attempt to win the EDC? Yes, definitely! This year it was me and my colleague Aleksandr from Estonia,

next year it will probably be someone else from Estonia as we have many great dealers who deserve a chance to win the EDC, but I definitely want to come back.

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