A Rocket in my Pocket

Book of the year by a country mile, A Rocket in my Pocket finds ex-Gallon

current Flaming Star and legendary London lounge lizard Max
Decharne training his unwavering gaze on Rockabilly – the reverb drenched, Rocket

slap bass sound that crawled from the deep South in fifties America sounding like nothing else and changing rock’n’roll

Where today we are assaulted from all sides by cookie cutter floppy fringed
posho careerists clogging up Myspace with slews of indie drivel,

A Rocket In My Pocket harks lovingly back to another world entirely: one where musicians both

Now that they’re at saturation point it’s easy to see them
as cynically capitalising on diminishing album sales and rising ticket sales.

ATP’s Don’t Look Back series has always been miles ahead of
the bandwagon though, and their pairing of Suicide’s first album with The Stooge’s ‘Raw Power’ Rocket in one night could surely do no wrong.

Both records are musical revolutions in themselves; two instances of rough-edged creative genius that ruin any teenager who listens to them. Bunch of geriatrics though they are, it, The Stooges even joined by ‘Funhouse’ saxophonist Steve Mackay, Rocket

and the openers set the (ear-grating) tone with a still, chic mysticism. Totally uncynical,Rocket a wee-bit nostalgic but just as breathtaking a show as it looked on paper

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