Anika’s is a strange, impressive debut that seems to have sprung
from the middle of nowhere,

its thematic direction and minimal production lending it a haunting
quality that lingers long after it’s stopped playing,

no doubt becauseit was recorded with Geoff Barrow’s kraut psychonauts Beak>.

Opener ‘Terry’ is a darkly synthesizer-bent girl group ballad,
‘End of the World’ is a cover of Skeeter Davis’

1962 country-pop hit, sung like a smacked-out Nico with truly scratchy, severely panned post-punk guitar. Anika

This mesh of disparate but concordant elements continues throughout to stunning effect, even if ‘Masters of War’, a deep piece of wobbly,

retro dub, veers too close to the winceworthy political shape-throwing of the original post-punk crowd.Anika

Enter a female solo artist for you to give a shit about, that T4 will miss

“You could say that we’re poppy, that we’re psychedelic, that we’re rock, that we’re a dance band says Jenny, and she’s right

Warpaint are thesum of all these parts.Anika

At one point, on ‘Baby’ – a track that manages to make five minutes of
one acoustic guitar, tight vocal harmonies and nothing else feel like it’s over in a shot – they even sound like Cheryl Crow without damaging their
sirenistic appeal. Anika

And that’s because, in a post Vivian Girls world where ‘DIY’ increasingly
feels like a better word for ‘amateur’, this four-piece are offering us a girl group who write far out, expansive alt.Anika

pop like no one else. Nicholas ‘About A Boy’ Hoult might be chatting to Billy Zane while they do it, and the band’s LA hipness certainly hasn’t

hindered their appeal back home and abroad (truth be told, their ties and general aesthetic were largely the most interesting aspects of the hit and miss ‘Exquisite Corpse’ EP)

but there’s something about Warpaint and their confidently patient
debut album that surpasses all the Hollywood fluff that deserves to be given a chance. And another.

And another.

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