Mystic Seaport Museum

Mystic Seaport Museum

Collections and Human Resources in Maritime Heritage Preservation and Education.

In December, Sea H istory’s editor, D eirdre O ‘Rega n, and I spent a d ay touring the ex-te nsive faciliti es of Mystic.

Seaport to continue to nurture a cooperative relationship between o ur two organi zations in our mission to study, preserve, and promote our maritime heritage. Our host, Dana C.

Hewson, Mystic’s Clark Senior Cura tor for Watercraft and the Vice Presid ent for Watercraft Preservation & Programs, led us on a tour of current exhibits and projects and,

best yet, showed us some of the behind-the-scenes departmems and collections.

Mystic Seaport Museum We were particularly imerested in the new Black H ands,

Blue Seas exhibit on the contributions and stories of African American mariners and maritime artisans.

Exhibit developer Elysa E ngelman is working with us on a four-pan seri es for Sea History, which wi ll examine individuals highlighted in th e exhibit.

Look fo r the first installment in this summe r’s issue.

In upcoming issues, we will also cover the restora ti o n of the Easrern-Rig dragge r Roann.

Her story and the decisio ns involved in acquiring a nd pla nning this major proj ect a re important to study for those involved in ship preserva tion.

Naturally, when the whaling ship Charles W Morgan goes up on the ways in the coming yea r for maintenance a nd restoration of her hull,

we will cover that story and her prog ress as well.

We often think of museums in te rms of their visitor exhibits, but beyo nd those displ ays,

Mysric Seapon hasa depth of rich collections and employs specialists active in from Black Hands, Blue Seas resto ration a nd research.

For the value of its irreplaceable archives and sta re-of-the arrresearch faci lities alone, the museum is an invaluable resource.

Combine the things with the human elem ent,

hertra in ed and knowled geable staff, and you’ll discover she is a nation al treasure.

Ihe Collections Research Center is a stare-of-the-arr storage and preservation facili ry with huge rolling storage cases for the most efficient use of space.

Open a drawer, and dozens upon dozens of scrimsh aw are safely ho used,

Mystic Seaport Museum awaiting th e researcher or rhe n ext exhibit that mi ght need them.

Likewise, nearby cases house historic nauti cal too ls, ship models,

fi gureheads, and wardrobes of peri od clothing-each documented a nd categorized .

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