“We’ve been everywhere in the country,” announces Ulterior singer Sunny. “Fucking pointless, except for London, ‘cause you’re cool!”

He briefly rethinks. “…and Glasgow, they know how to drink.”

Playing support on The White Rose Movement’s latest tour, it seems, hasn’t met the expectations of this quartet, but Sunny,

standing in front of us in full Axl Rose regalia (tasselled leather jacket, nipple-length hair, headband, leather trousers even)

is clearly not the front man of an average band with lacklustre ambitions.

It’s only 8pm, daylight and serene outside, but as Islington Academy is lit by little more than furious bursts of strobe Ulterior are boldly putting in their bid as the next INXS, infinitely tougher and only a little less sexy.

And they don’t fall too short of the mark.

Aesthetically the band are a hotchpotch of rock’n’roll icons of the past Axl’s joined by a Bret Anderson complete with navelskimming shirt,

a Sid Vicious in black leather on bare skin, and your pick of The Clash, but
probably Strummer – sonically they could swallow U2 on a casual in breath,

because two things are impossible to ignore where Ulterior live shows are concerned this band are as loud as they are brash, and Sunny could in fact wail the Mr Rose he resembles back up his own arse for a further 15 years at least.

Tracks like the synthy ‘Weapons’ rumble at an unhealthy volume and snarl like a soreheaded Dave Gahn, and before ‘Aporia’ closes the set in a suitably Bon-Jovi sized stadium rock anthem,

new single ‘Sister Speed’ is 80s space punk featuring the biggest drum machine we’ve ever heard. Catch up Britain.

“Our influences come from further a field than a lot of the bands around at the moment,”

explains Mark. “We all have completely different tastes and preferences in the band and we all bring different strands of music: Dave and Brad are more

The Four Horsemen of the instrumental math rock apocalypse Writer: Reef Younis Photographer: Paul Gregory 03 rock-based, Paul’s into his electronic stuff and I’m into a lot of older music.

There isn’t a lot around at the moment that stands out for me. We’re just
quite experimental.

We started out as an experiment so I don’t think you can get more experimental than that.”

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