Youves reputation precedes them. Having seen their wild-eyed, sweat-drenched performance at Live in Leeds, I huddle next to the bar for safety’s sake.

Lead singer Stephen Broadley firmly positions himself in the middle of the crowd and whacks his cowbell until all eyes are on him.

These selfproclaimed ‘baby-faced as-sass-ins’ are the new darlings of the Skinsloving indie disco scene. Shirts soon dispensed with,

‘Bigorexics’’s “Control and testosterone” lyrics sum things up, the latter being present in abundance.

Juddering riffs fire out at teeth-rattling volume as the band bounce around the stage.

And though Stephen’s posturing borders on the ridiculous, Youves he does harbour a real ability to bait the crowd.

Everything comes together during ‘My Brain Is Jassive’ Youves Youves as the vocals indelibly fuse into the seething backing track.

Comparisons to The Rapture are not unjustified and more than once ‘House Of Jealous Lovers’ springs unprompted into my head.

The beat is catching though, and as guitarist Alex Wiezak makes a dash for the drums, Stephen stands aboard the speakers,

Youves lording it over the jerking crowd below.

As ‘Aladdin’s Rave’ hurtles towards its explosive conclusion it’s difficult to not be won over.

They may be young and rammed to the gills with E numbers, but they’ll sure show you a good time,

Youves at least until the next season of Skins starts.

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