Ope Onaboye

Ope Onaboye

At the young age of 27, Ope ‘Opy Onas’ Onaboye has accomplished a lot.

The entrepreneur established his own estate agency from his bedroom, aged 22. He published his own book,

‘Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession’, launched at the Houses of Parliament, aged 25.

He then went on to set up several businesses under the multifaceted international Proten brand,

Ope Onaboye which includes Proten Coaching and Development, Proten Youth Development and Proten Publishing House.

We asked the Londoner what inspired him to establish Proten. “I’m known as the ‘Ideas Midwife’.

This analogy came about when my daughter was born. I truly believe that each of us has been impregnated with God-given ideas, Ope Onaboye dreams and visions.

The ethos behind the Proten brand is to help people bring their ideas to life.”

The birth of his daughter wasn’t the only source of inspiration for his business.

While at university, Ope was involved in a criminal lifestyle,

which led to a burglary where a substantial amount of Ope Onaboye his money and personal possessions were stolen.

This experience, coupled with his strong Christian faith, Ope Onaboye led him to embark on a straight path.

He was inspired to donate all his money and possessions to a charity, and start his life over again – from scratch.

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