Support from Alpha Chi Omega

Support from Alpha Chi Omega

When you were initiated into Alpha Chi Omega,

you joined an organization that would support you through good times and bad.

The Alpha Chi Omega Enterprise has been committed to providing that support to our 235,000 members during this pandemic.

As campuses began closing, a team of headquarters staff set up one-on-one conferences with each of our 146 collegiate chapters.

Fraternity, National Housing Corporation and Pearl Stone Partners staff evaluated each chapter’s unique situation to provide guidance on chapter operations, housing options, chapter-level employees and finances.

Further conversations and reviews of budgets and planned expenditures allowed many chapters to refund or cancel some dues and room and board costs.

Knowing that the transition to a virtual membership experience would not be easy,

Alpha Chi Omega provided a wide array of resources to support our members in the early days of this pandemic.

From resource guides about handling chapter business remotely to webinars on mental health with our partners at Active Minds to virtual Sister Sessions for alumnae chapter leaders,

Alpha Chi Omega continues our dedication to ensuring the sisterhood of support is strong.

To recognize our graduating members, National President Angela Costley Harris hosted the #AXOSeniorSendOff on Instagram Live in May to share the joys of the lifelong bond of Alpha Chi Omega.

As Alpha Chi Omega prepares for a “new normal,” a team is exploring recruitment models,

Support from Alpha Chi Omega online new member education, programming, dues and more for the fall and beyond.

In addition, the month of May saw an all-member town hall, an executive board webinar, an alumnae resiliency panel and the start of the Sister Outreach Team to connect members nationwide.

Support from Alpha Chi Omega Even more engagement opportunities and resources are in

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