UN development goals provide opportunities

UN development goals provide opportunities,

For MEDA and many other organizations in the international development sector,

UN development goals provide opportunities explaining how projects support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

(SDGS) is an ongoing and important part of telling their story. The SDGs were set by the UN General Assembly in 2015,

UN development goals provide opportunities an effort to reach a series of targets by 2030.

They cover social and economic development issues related to poverty, gender equality,

climate action, decent work and economic growth and affordable and clean energy, among others.

At first glance, it might seem that the global movement to achieve these goals

would be completely in synch with a faith-based mutual fund company such as Praxis.

But the reality is more complicated,

says Praxis president Chad Horning. The UN’s SDGs are not all about corporate performance.

“They’re about development.

There’s some altruism to them.” “These goals, while high-faluting and difficult to attain,

bring values, faith or otherwise, altruism, back into this (SDGS investment) conversation in a way that we’re happy to see.”

Returning investors’ focus to people, planet, prosperity and peace are good things, he said. “We welcome that.”

Then one day, through certain connections I did not manufacture, I became the guitarist for the pop star George Michael’s band.

It was one of many doors open to me to be that minstrel, as well as professional person to mainstream acts.

When I play in any environment, I am placing those notes and sounds at a sonic level in a spiritual context.

I toured and worked for more than ten years with George, and from the very first tour he requested me to lead prayers

with him and the band before every performance.

The conversations we had were oftentimes deep. It is a privilege for me to serve in this context.

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