The company doesn’t employ domestic workers but rather operates as a booking platform service,

where domestic workers can register themselves online and through the app to advertise their services and availability.

Once registered, domestic workers become SweepStars,

RISKING EVERYTHING with their own profile and ranking, based on their clients’ or employers’ feedback.

Employers can make repeated bookings with the same SweepStar, depending on their availability, or else choose someone new on an ad hoc basis.

Over the past six years the company has helped over 20,000 domestic workers find work opportunities.

Through the COVID-19 crisis they have supported about 3,500 women who were active on the SweepSouth platform prior to the lockdown beginning.

Typically, there are some 5,000 SweepStars working through the platform each month.

WHAT WAS THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT? When we came up with the idea for SweepSouth, back in late 2013,

we knew that we wanted to create a business in the technology space that would have a broad positive impact on

South African society – something that would make people’s lives better while enabling us to live up to our potential.

The idea for SweepSouth came about purely by chance RISKING EVERYTHING.

Our nanny was due to go away on holiday but finding a short-term locum turned out to be a long and protracted process.

It was then that we gained an understanding of how difficult it is for many domestic workers in South Africa to reliably connect to potential employers.

We saw this as an opportunity to not only help domestic workers but also the industry at large, which desperately needed an overhaul and modernisation.

Positioning ourselves to be able to help even a fraction of these women was worth risking it all for.

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