My chosen endearment and title for this review fails to conceal my fondness for this beast.

This stunner serves as the ultimate voyager’s toolkit.

Truly an adventurer’s dream tailored to transport you from tar to gravel,

mud to snow, and from darkness to light, the robust 3008 SUV terrain explorer promises loyal companionship into the digital age.

As the engine roars to life, its sultry interior scintillates, exhibiting the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit hightech featuring sensory buttons designed to augment the driver experience.

 The Peugeot 3008 SUV prides itself with stealth and is surprisingly featherweight on the wheel, with bold giant leaps on the speedometer when challenged.

It is clinically engineered to embrace the curviest roads enthusiastically

and is optimal for road trips and holidays with excessive luggage.

A triple threat possessing beauty, brawn and brains in the form of high-tech innovations, this beauty is immaculately balanced with swift acceleration undetected

 by the driver creating a tranquil and spacious passenger experience.

The 3008 SUV is deserving of a worthy driver who will maximise the potential and capacity of this beautiful monster.

The 3008 SUV is the most advanced vehicle by Peugeot claiming 2017 Car of the Year award – marking its territory as the first

SUV in history to be rewarded this accolade. PEUGEOT 3008 SUV,

Tau the King, belongs at the top of the food chain. The majority of impoverished people live in townships − and most aspire to move to the suburbs.

When someone becomes successful, they often leave the township and take their success (and spending power) with them, says Stephen Read, founder of Entrepreneur News Network Africa.

“This is not just removing a positive role model from the community,

it is also removing skills and experience from supporting the local school, church and community.”

Township entrepreneur and founder of Mama’s Spices & Herbs, Mikie Monoketsi, echoes Read:

“The more the township economy grows, the better it is for the well-being of our overall economy.

This will also encourage both the public and private sectors to invest more in townships – not only with resources, but also with opportunities.

Another important fact: when the township economy is active and thriving, jobs are being created, which means a reduction in poverty and substance abuse.”

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