Partnerships are the key to unlocking the skills development, education, research

and innovation needed to support the growth of a sustainable oceans economy for South Africa.

Globally, the oceans are viewed as the new frontier for economic growth, employment, and human endeavour

and innovation in the search for solutions to food security, climate change, social development, sustainable resources and energy, and health.

Harnessing the potential of South Africa’s more than 3 000km of coastline, and a maritime territory larger than its land mass,

has an estimated benefit of contributing up to R177-billion to South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP)

(vs R54-billion in 2010) and 1 million jobs (vs 316 000 in 2010) by 2033.

Those estimates, based on studies by the then Department of Environmental Affairs,

SAIMI: UNLOCKING drove government’s initiative to accelerate maritime economic growth through Operation Phakisa in the Oceans Economy.

 Implementing the three-foot plans of Operation Phakisa and enabling the maritime sector to take advantage of opportunities for growth,

requires people – locally available and suitably qualified with the necessary skills.

As a direct outcome of Operation Phakisa, the South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI)

was established to facilitate the skills and knowledge development needed to support growth of the maritime sector and a sustainable oceans economy.

SAIMI leads a partnership and collaborative effort towards the efficient and effective education, training and upskilling of South Africans,

 linking them to socio-economic opportunities and investing in new knowledge, technologies and innovations to build a globally competitive maritime sector.

The national oceans economy development strategy and programme – expressed in Operation Phakisa in the Oceans Economy

and the National Development Plan – is at the core of SAIMI’s strategic agenda SAIMI: UNLOCKING and has been adopted as the main theme for the institute over the next two decades.

Funded by the Department of Higher Education, Science & Technology (DHEST) through the National Skills Fund (NSF), SAIMI is a national asset, housed at Nelson Mandela

University in Port Elizabeth and working with stakeholders across the country in industry, government, civil society, education, training and research.

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