Dog sledding beneath

Dog sledding beneath Arctic mountains

Experience authentic dog sledding beneath Norwegian snow-cloaked mountains.

Located in a valley just an hour outside Tromsø,

Northern Light Dog Adventure offers memories for life in proper Norwegian style.

“When you’re in the wilderness of mountains, with only the dogs to take you forward through nature, you are alone but also so free.

That feeling makes it magical to go dog sledding,” Dog sledding beneath

says Kay Even Bendiksen,

who runs the dog sledding attraction Northern Light Dog Adventure with his family.

With 30 dogs living outside their family home and 16 years’ experience,

they have turned their hobby into a livelihood, Dog sledding beneath

inviting tourists from all over the world to join them for a true dog sledding adventure.

“Because it started as a hobby, we have all the motivation and enjoyment required.

This is definitely a 24-hour job,” says Bendiksen.

The family provides guided dog sledding tours throughout the winter season and has recently

introduced an autumn tour called Dogsledding on Wheels.

This year they will allow tourists to get even closer to theirlifestyle with the new product, Be a Musher for a Day, Dog sledding beneath

where visitors will get a tailored tour and take part in the work that goes on behind the scenes,

including preparing for the trip and feeding the dogs.

“We only take on small groups.

When there are only a few people, there’s less waiting and you don’t have to rush,” says Bendiksen.

“We can go on better routes up in the mountains and have more time to cuddle and play with the dogs.”

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