Unwrapping waste

Unwrapping waste

The cost of sourcing, storing and sending cardboard boxes and plastic bags can be a real headache for e-commerce companies

only for consumers to throw the packaging away once their goods have been delivered,

adding to the growing amount of waste we generate.

Finnish start-up RePack is on a quest to make us all think outside the box.

With a worldwide boom in online sales, the amount of packaging and wrapping consumers throw away has also increased.

Inspired by bottle recycling systems that use cash deposits as an incentive, RePack wanted to apply the same concept to packaging.

“Finland has a 98 per cent return rate on bottles and cans, so we wanted to apply this to enable online retailers and customers to return and reuse delivery packaging,”

explains Jonne Hellgren, CEO at RePack.

The concept is simple: at selected online stores, customers can choose to have their order sent in RePack packaging for a small deposit fee.

They will then receive their order in returnable and reusable RePack packaging, which can be returned – with no postage fee or stamp required – by simply dropping it into a local letterbox.

Once the RePack has been registered as returned, the user will receive a digital voucher,

which can be used towards future purchases from RePack-supporting online stores. Unwrapping waste

A single RePack can be reused around 20 times, and they are made from recycled and upcycled materials that are 100 per cent recyclable.

“The big draw for companies is that RePack encourages repeat customers, and the benefit for consumers is that they get

something back for choosing an environmentally friendly packaging solution,” says Hellgren. Unwrapping waste

“We offer a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for companies. Unwrapping waste Unwrapping waste

The feedback from businesses as well as consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.

We’re trying to change people’s attitudes when it comes to consumerism, recycling and waste.”

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